RRG Difference

The RRG Difference

Advertising Management:

RRG focuses on being resourceful in what we offer, creative in what we do and precise in how we deliver it. We are a full service advertising agency, developing innovative concepts and tangible advertising for the digital age, with our client’s bottom line in mind.

Advertising Platform:

New technology, digital applications and traditional media paired together form the advertising platform. RRG takes your message and creates a platform that moves consumers to your business.

Advertising Analytics:

RRG’s expertise is in advertising placement, knowledge of the media platform, with consumer research. We put your commercials in the most effective position to succeed, and understand what motivates consumers and how best to reach them.

Creative Advertising:
Advertising is a combination of art & science, the balance struck between the two is the difference between good and bad advertising. RRG produces advertising that makes people feel positive about your brand, and influences consumers.


“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be
not a science, but an art.”
   —William Bernbach



Our Mission

Our Approach:
RRG wants to be a partner with your business, and help your marketing team succeed. We have expertise in consumer analytics and population trends something that many companies don’t pay enough attention to. If your company already has a solid marketing message, RRG wants to help you find the appropriate consumers and groups. Our mission is to increase your business’s bottom line.

Our Resources:

RRG is a full service advertising agency that provides a range of creative services that are specific to our client’s needs. We specialize in: Advertising, Ad Placement, Creative Design, Market Research and Consumer Analytics.

Our Background:

RRG’s founders, Tyson Fettes and Dave Koss have spent years working in public policy & electoral politics. They know how to move groups of people towards a specific goal, and understand what motivates people and consumers to act and are experts in group trends, consumer behavior and public opinion.